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    Welcome to my home page. The menu on the left side and the link bar at the top of this page will direct you to various locations where you will find my resume, Korn shell, many Korn Shell applications, tools and utilities, and MicroEMACS.

    I am actively seeking Korn Shell or Perl related, project-oriented contract work. I can travel to your site or telecommute. For Examples of my work, please go to: http://www.mtxia.com/fancyIndex/Tools/Scripts/Korn/. If interested, please contact me at:

    A History of my Career

    In the summer of 1979, while I was on summer vacation during my sophmore year in college, I took a job with a company called "Applied Technology, Inc." (ATC) in Norman, OK. My job title was "Chemical Engineering Technician" and my duties were to assist the company engineers in two large scale testing projects being performed by the company.

    The first project was to test the extinguishment characteristics of Carbon-disulfide in controlled burn situations. The tests were conducted on a prepared test site in Newcastle, OK, adjacent to the South Canadian River. This test site had a large concrete building which contained a test monitoring lab and provided storage for test equipment, tools, etc. The site contained multiple pits of various sizes which were used to burn the Carbon-disulfide. The pits were of three sizes which were 5'x5', 10'x10', and 20'x20'. A variety of extinguishment methods were tested on the carbon-disulfide which included low-volume foam, high-volume foam, and dry chemicals. Measurements of several parameters were recorded from the test such as temperature, extinguisher flow and volume, time to extinguishment, etc.

    The second project was to test the burn characteristics of a wide variety of crude oils from around the world. This project was sponsored by the Battelle Institute in Seattle, Washington. There were approximately ten barrels of oil from locations such as Venezuala, Saudia Arabia, California, Alaska, etc.

    A burn pit had been designed for this project which would measure the temperatures and burn rates of the oil. This pit was designed to maintain the surface of the oil at a constant level. This was done by injecting wate under the oil as the oil burned. A wind screen was also built around the pit to reduce the effects of the wind.

    It was expected that several of the "heavier" oils would require significant effort to ignite them, this was not the case however. All of the oils ignited easily with a single match. After the oils had burned out, samples of the residue were taken to be analyzed.

    I worked with ATC for the summer and when the tests were finished in August, 1979, I went back to school. Then in the fall of 1980, I received a call from Bill Martinsen. Bill was an engineer with ATC, and had moved to a company called "Energy Analysts, Inc." (EAI). He asked me if I would be interested in working with EAI on test projects, programming, and miscellaneous stuff. EAI did a variety of work including safety analysis, risk assessment, and product liability studies.

    My duties with EAI changed dramatically during the eight years I worked for them. I began as a laborer on testing projects, and eventually became the Senior Systems Analyst. I designed, wrote, implemented, and supported all of EAI's software products, which included:

    In 1989, EAI had the best financial year of its history, this caused the three owners of the company to begin fighting over the money. Their solution was to disolve the company. I was offered a position with one of the partners who was beginning a new company but decided to go out on my own and start my own company. I operated a consulting company called "French Consulting from 1989 to 1993 during which time I worked for a number of clients in various industries. My clients included:

    During the spring of 1993, Applied Intelligence Group (AIG) hired me to perform some Unix consulting work. They subsequently offered me a job which I accepted. AIG was a systems integration company which specialized in the retail industry. My job was to consult with clients on Unix related issues. AIG clients with whom I worked included:

    In October of 1998, the consulting arm of AIG was sold to "The Netplex Group, Inc." (Netplex). As part of the consulting arm, I became an employee of Netplex and continue to work for them. My duties are essentially the same as they were with AIG.

    In August of 2000, I began consulting on my own again. Formed the company Mt Xia. This company concentrates on the IBM Unix operating system AIX. In fact, Mt Xia is actually just AIXtm spelled backwards.

    I have a number of other ventures I am currently working as well. I provide the venture capital for a group of home builders in the Austin, TX area. I am also working with IBM on a new RS/6000 marketing idea and plan. And a couple of other secret projects that I don't care to divulge at this time.


    Over the years, I have also developed a number of programs, applications, and utilities which were not necessarily created for a particular client, but were used in support of many clients. These programs, applications, and utilites include:

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