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InterDAC 360 - Data Acquisition

InterDAC 360

Board Picture Features
Data Aquisition and Control
  • 8 12-bit Analog Inputs
  • 8 12-bit Analog Outputs
  • 24 bi-directional Digital Lines
  • 3 serial ports configurable for RS-232 or RS-485
  • Ethernet port with AUI, and 10baseT connectors. (10Base2 optional)
  • Full internet accessible programmable interface using a simple, open, efficient protocol over UDP and IP
  • Embedded SNMP agent, extendable to support legacy products
  • Telnet access to command line interface for data aquisition and control
  • Serial / Modem access same command line inteface
  • HTTP access to live HTML pages
  • Self Contained Java Manager, uploadable thru HTTP to any browser
  • Serial (RS-232 or RS-485) network available
  • Telnet cut-through to raw serial port data
  • Serial connection to telnet interface (automatic or command activated)
  • Digital I/O 24ma capable.
  • Analog I/O includes basic conditioning on-board
    (gain and offset adjustable).
  • I/O channels carried on ribbon cable for easy integration or additional signal conditioning
  • Alarm setup for analog and digital inputs.
  • Flexible I/O and/or processor bus expansion capabilities
  • C-Language Scripting
  • Motorola 68EN360 processor.
  • 3 serial ports capable of up to 38.4 baud.
  • Analog Channels capable of 1,000 samples per second RISC co-processor for ethernet interface.
  • 4 Mbytes of PC standard SIMM DRAM memory
  • Fully pre-programmed, no additional software or hardware development required.
  • C-Language Scripting for logic and custom driver development
  • Battery backed Real time clock
  • E2Prom for configuration data
  • 10"x8" OEM board (+5V,12V,-12V Power Supply Required)

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Internet Accessible Data Aquisition and Control