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My Resume

I am actively seeking Korn Shell or Perl related, project-oriented contract work. I can travel to your site or telecommute. For Examples of my work, please go to: If interested, please contact me at:

My Resume

The latest and greatest version of my resume can be found at:

The old version is still here on Tripod and can be viewed at:

To receive an ASCII text version of my resume, send an email to with the word "Resume" in the subject line. This is an auto-responder and will immediately forward a copy of my resume to you.

Resume Highlights

  • My Mission is to drive forward the cutting edge of technology with regard to medium and large size server systems, from both a software and hardware perspective.
  • Designed/Developed/Implemented the first store oriented, distributed database system at Wal-Mart using Informix.
  • Vast experience with most varieties of Unix.
  • Designed/Developed/Implemented distributed LAN/WAN's using dedicated and dial-up connections.
  • Designed/Developed/Implemented distributed Internet and Intranet environments.
  • Designed/Developed/Implemented distributed Windows-NT environments.
  • Developed Risk Assessment and Hazards Analysis package for Petro-Chemical Industry.

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