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Record ID: 19970904.220120.9890
List Group: test
First Name: Moe
Middle Name:
Last Name: Howard
Title: Stooge
Company: Acme
Department: Technical Support
Mail Stop: 11111
Company Address Line 1: 111 East First Street
Company Address Line 2: Suite 111
City: Firstville
State or Province: OK
Country: USA
Zip or Postal Code: 11111-1111
Phone Number: 111-111-1111
Phone Number Extension: 111
Mobile Phone Number: 111-111-1112
Pager Phone Number: 111-111-1113
Does the pager require a PIN Number: N
Pager PIN Number: 11114
Is it an Alpha-Numeric Pager: N
FAX Number: 111-111-1115
Network ID: mhoward
E-Mail Address:
Home Phone Number: 111-111-1116
Home Address Line 1: 111 Rodeo Drive
Home Address Line 2:
Home City: Hollywood
Home State or Province: CA
Home Country: USA
Home Zip or Postal code: 11117
Home E-Mail Address:
Home URL:


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